Limited Edition Print FAQS


What is a Limited Edition Print?

Limited Edition Prints exist in a specific quantity determined in advance by the artist. Smith & Partner Gallery UK

Who should purchase Limited Edition Prints?

Both experienced buyers and beginners alike benefit from adding Limited Edition Prints to their collection. They retain a high value while being much more accessible than an original painting; with reputable originals starting at thousands of dollars, prints are available at a fraction of the cost.

How are Limited Edition Prints valuable?

If they are printed on quality archival materials and adequately protected, prints will often gain value over time.

If a certain number of prints in an edition become sold out, your limited edition print might rise in price. Similarly, as the artist grows or gains their reputation, they might increase a lot in price. Smith & Partner Gallery UK

Are limited prints worth more than open edition?

Absolutely, limited edition prints have a much higher value since there are only a finite number being produced. Open editions have no cap on the number being sold, so the long term value is much less. In addition, smaller limited print runs of one hundred or fewer have a much higher value than larger limited editions of 100+, for example.

How are they unique?

Limited Edition Prints are individually numbered making each one unique. For example a print numbered 1 in an edition of 10 would be signed 1/10. This shows the sequence and edition size and makes that print one-of-a-kind.

Are Limited Edition Prints a good investment?

A certificate of authenticity hand-signed by the artist is provided with each print sale.

A certificate of authenticity is a signed document proving the authenticity of the work and containing details about the work for the collector’s reference. Saatchi Gallery 

How do I look after a print?

We recommend you take your print to a reputable framer – have it mounted using the right materials and placed under high-quality glass. Don’t trim your print to fit into a smaller frame, as this will affect its value. Hang your print away from direct sunlight and keep it away from moisture and fluctuating temperatures. Carefully store any paperwork that came with your print too, especially certificates of authenticity – you will need these if you decide to sell your print later. My Art Broker