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Turnip and Brie Book

Turnip and Brie Book

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Turnip + Brie
A Good Tree Neighbors Story

Turnip + Brie - A story of two bear cubs who adventure together in nature and find new friendship and delicious snacks along the way

Awaking to a warm morning in the forest, Turnip and Brie are two hungry cubs who venture out of their snug cave in search of the fruits of summer. This story of independence and neighborly care merges beautifully with captivating illustrations to depict the delight that comes from discovering new places while finding companionship and community. Join these two cubs on an adventurous romp through the woods as they stumble upon a secret garden and make connections both old and new. 

⋙Size 7x10 
⋙Glossy cover
⋙Available in paperback and hardcover
⋙ Printed with premium ink
⋙32 color pages

Regionally/ethically printed
© Ingrid Press

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